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2017 Lightworkers Conference

Chaplain Kathy Collins read a portion of her manuscript titled The Mystic Chaplain – My Story at the 2017 Lightworkers Conference in Lisle, IL.

Chaplain Kathy’s The Mystic Chaplain – My Story is a synchronistic whirlwind that takes you along with her as she fights cancer and is guided to becoming a hospital chaplain. Her mystical journey awakens her to the metaphysical, its messages, visions, self-healing, and the synchronistic events of people put on her path to understanding the interconnectedness of each and every one of us.

Chaplain Kathy struggled with her faith and saw a need to step outside the box of religious conformity on how she connected with the Divine. When she wrote her 14 page back-to-back entrance papers, to be considered for the hospital chaplain program, her future supervisors could only classify her as a mystic living the word.

Her conscious awareness is used to help those transitioning over at the end of life without the chains of fear. Her mystical approach to those who are left behind on the earth plane shows families how both sides are closer than we think. She asks us to be still, and experience this unique connection of bringing heaven and earth together through the Divine Source that resides in the loving memory of our own hearts.